Exceptional Shibayama Incense Burner

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  • Gallery Number: 60
  • Gallery Name: Tora Tori
  • Period: 19th century
  • Style: -
  • Place of origin: Japon
  • Signature: Shibayama
Exceptional and rare incense burner from an important Japanese collection in the shape of a melon. It is entirely made of gold lacquer in wickerwork decor. The lid carries a silver kirin as well as the handles represent winged fish also of very great fineness of carving. The body of the incense burner is decorated on one side of musician dancers and on the other face a decor of birds within flowers and wisteria. The whole in incrustation of hard stones of different colors. The set rests on 4 feet. It is one the most beautifull achievements of the shibyama work of the Meiji period. It can be compared to similar models from Dr. Khalili's collection. It is signed Shibayama in a mother of pearl cartridge of the base. Dimensions: 25xH32cm (10 "x12.6").


  • Galerie n° : 60 & 67 - Allée 1
  • Nom : Brecher
  • Prénom : Mayer
  • Téléphone Portable : +33 (0)6 10 63 25 26

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