Large Bronze Incense Burner Shoki Strike an Oni Sold

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  • N° de Stand: 60
  • Galerie: TORA TORI
  • Siècle: 19ème Siècle
  • Époque/Style: -
  • Dimensions: Hauteur 97cm
  • Matériaux: Bronze

It rests on 5 feet and is made up of 3 parts. This bronze incense burner is finely chiselled represents, on the detachable lid, a Shoki armed with his spear and slaying an oni maintained under his foot. On one side of the bowl, on a background of pines and jars at his feet, shoki defends a courtesan. On the other side and on a background of mountains and pines a monk with his attendant is pouring water into a jar. 2 carved handles hold the bowl. Despite the size, the whole is of great finesse of carving. Origin: Japan.
Period: Edo / Meiji late 19th century.


  • Galerie n° : 60 & 67 - Allée 1
  • Nom : Brecher
  • Prénom : Mayer
  • Téléphone Portable : +33 (0)6 10 63 25 26

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