Gold Lacquer Tray in Shibayama Style Signed Kozan

Proposed by 
  • N° de Stand: 60
  • Galerie: TORA TORI
  • Siècle: 19ème Siècle
  • Époque/Style: -
  • Dimensions: 36,8x26,8cm
  • Matériaux: Wood & lacque
  • Provenance: Japan
  • Signature: Kozan
  • Prix: 8500 €
Japanese gold lacquered tray in oval shape with floral and birds design. The decor is inlaid with mother of pearl, coral and shell chrysanthemum in shibayama style near a fence close to a stream. The center ground is on a fundame lacquer and the decors are in hira and taka maki-e. The fans and chrysanthemums are in gyobu lacquer all around the border and hira maki-e and silvered shibuishi for the edge. The back of the tray is on a gold and oxidized silver nashiji powder ground.
Signed : Kozan.
Edo/Meiji period 19th century. Dimensions : 37x27cm (14.4"x10.6").Kozan, lacquered pupil of Ritsuo. Excellent artist known for his use of encrusted designs.
Source : A dictionnary of Japanese artists


  • Galerie n° : 60 & 67 - Allée 1
  • Nom : Brecher
  • Prénom : Mayer
  • Téléphone Portable : +33 (0)6 10 63 25 26

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