6-Panel Screen Rimpa School

Proposed by 
  • Gallery Number: 60
  • Gallery Name: TORA TORI
  • Period: 19th century
  • Style: -
  • Size: 352xH176cm
  • Material: Papier,encre, feuilles d'or
  • Place of origin: Japon
  • Price: 19000€

Very artistic ink painting and colors on paper, gold leaf and powdered gold and oxidized silver powder. This 6-panel screen in the pure style of the Rimpa school features a floral decoration of multicolored chrysanthemums, eyelets and herbs with in the background verdant mountains and a golden moon. Excellent condition according to the age despite a few drops of moisture barely visible.


  • Galerie n° : 60 & 67 - Allée 1
  • Nom : Brecher
  • Prénom : Mayer
  • Téléphone Portable : +33 (0)6 10 63 25 26

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