A Makuzu Kozan Vase Peonies Design

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  • Gallery Number: 60
  • Gallery Name: TORA TORI
  • Period: 19th century
  • Style: -
  • Size: Hauteur 22 cm
  • Material: Porcelaine
  • Place of origin: Japon
  • Signature: Makuzu Kozan
  • Price: 2500€

Very nice vase, elegant porcelain shape with white enamels (a little milky) and blue with a decoration of peonies under the wind. the petals and flowers swept by the wind bring grace and lightness to this vase.Miyagawa (Makuzu) Kozan (1842-1916) potter recognized by the imperial house of Japan under the Meiji era was at the peak of his art after the 1880s. This vase by the signature under the base is around 1900.


  • Galerie n° : 60 & 67 - Allée 1
  • Nom : Brecher
  • Prénom : Mayer
  • Téléphone Portable : +33 (0)6 10 63 25 26

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