Bointaburet - Centerpiece in silvergilt, 19th century Sold

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  • Siècle: 19ème Siècle
  • Époque/Style: -

Centerpiece in silvergilt mounted on four pilaster feet girdled of a large ingot with decor of nets wrapped and foliage. Scalloped model with mirror background on oak parquet. On the mirror, is placed a centerpeace in gilt composed on each side of two arms of light and in the center a crystal cut. Work performed in chiseled fade.

- length: 55.5 cm
- width: 42.5 cm
- height: 5 cm
Material: Silver vermeil 1st title
Stamp: Minerva
Period: 2nd part of the XIXth
Origin: France, Paris


Galerie n° : 6 & 127 - Allée 1

Nom : Emmanuel Redon Silver fine Art  &

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